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Godot plugin to make point n' click games in a similar way to tools like Adventure Game Studio and Power Quest. If you want to know more about this tool, check out the project's GitHub page.

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[ esp ] Plugin de Godot para crear juegos de aventura de manera similar a herramientas como Adventure Game Studio y Power Quest. Si quieres saber más acerca de esta herramienta, puedes visitar la página de GitHub del proyecto.

¡Únete a nuestra comunidad en Discord! para saber lo que pasa cada semana, hacer preguntas, reportar errores, o compartir lo que haces.

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How to install

1. Download the ZIP. (If you are using Godot 3.3 to 3.4.5, download 1.8.7)

2. Extract it and copy the addons folder into your project folder.

3. Open your Godot project and enable the Popochiu plugin: Project > Project Settings... > Plugins (the tab on the top).

4. Restart Godot: Project > Reload Current Project.

5. You'll see the Popochiu dock at the right.

Cómo instalarlo

1. Descarga el ZIP. (Si usas Godot 3.3 a 3.4.5, descarga la versión 1.8.7)

2. Extrae el contenido del archivo y copia la carpeta addons en la raíz de tu proyecto.

3. Abre tu proyecto en Godot y habilita el plugin: Proyecto > Ajustes del Proyecto > Plugins (la pestaña en la parte superior).

4. Reinicia Godot: Proyecto > Volver a Cargar el Proyecto Actual.

5. Verás el panel de Popochiu a la derecha.

What's new in version 1.10?

Then what?

You can watch the tutorials here (English subs. - English voice comming soon).

And you can read the documentation for the project here

¿Y ora qué?

Aquí puedes ver los tutoriales acerca de cómo usar el plugin (¡con audio en Español!).

What about an example project?

Here you can check this demo project that shows a game with two rooms, two characters that can talk using emotions, 5 inventory items, a dialog tree, music and sound effects, and a little-simple puzzle to solve.

¿Hay ejemplos?

Ora sí que lo hay. Aquí puedes ver un proyecto en el que se crearon dos habitaciones, dos personajes con un diálogo entre ellos (ambos usan emociones), 5 objetos de inventario, y un pequeño puzle para resolver.

Games done with Popochiu!

Gustavo the Shy Ghost - English

Detective Paws - English

Zappin' da Mubis - English

Reality-On-The-Norm: Ghost of Reality's Past (password: popochiu) - English

Breakout (demo) - English

Poin'n'Sueldo - Spanish

Dr. Rajoy - Spanish

I'm Byron Mental - Spanish

Benito Simulator - Spanish

Pato & Lobo - English and Spanish

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When is Popochiu 2.0 full version for Godot 4.0 coming out?


Probably in two weeks. But we’ll try to make it last shorter.


Hey! firstly congrats for the plugin, it looks very good! I'm about to do a mobile point and click game, how could this plugin help me for? I tried to simple use it but the character moving not worked when testing the apk :c thanks a lot

Hey! Thanks for your kind words and your purchase.

I haven’t tested the plugin on mobile devices yet, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to make it recognize input for movement. However, enabling the inventory and settings menu might require some work.

I’ll see if I can allocate some time to work on it, or if a team member can handle it.

I've been looking for something like this for a while, it looks like a great alternative to Escoria, which I struggled with quite a bit. Could I ask for an update on how the port to Godot 4.0 is going?


Hi luna!

About version 2.0 (which is the one that works in Godot 4) all the features from version 1 are functioning, but we haven’t yet tested all possible scenarios, so there might be issues we haven’t encountered yet.

One of the contributors is enhancing the Aseprite Importer to not only import character animations but also rooms, which will automatically create Props. There will also be an improvement for importing inventory items.

I’ll start working on enhancing the game’s graphical interface today, making it easier to create from scratch or choose from various templates: a 7-verb template, a verb-coin template, the default BASS template the plugin uses, and a Sierra-style template. Hopefully, that will be operational by next week.

Furthermore, today I’ll be adding an enhancement that allows multiple characters to move simultaneously.

You can join our Discord to stay updated on the latest developments.

Very promising. Look forward to v2.0 and Godot 4 support!

Checked out Escoria at all? https://docs.escoria-framework.org/en/devel/general/what_is_escoria.html

Yup. At the moment I started building Popochiu I didn’t like the workflow of Escoria, but I didn’t experiment much with it.


It's nice to have two cakes!


Great plugin! Altough I'm an experienced programmer, I'm new to Godot and GDScript and this plugin is an excelent way to understand  the engine and how how to structure a game. I was interested in developing a Point&Click game, so that's a big plus.

I see you are porting the add-on to Godot 4.0. Do you recommend Gotod 4.0 for Popochiu to a begginer or 3.5 is still recommended ?


Thanks for your comment. I’m happy to know you think the plugin is great. For an experienced beginner I recommend using Godot 4.0 because it has great improvements in scripting in comparisson with Godot 3. Buuuut, it is still in beta and you can experience some bugs (like losing textures). If you are just experimenting, then it will be fine if you start with Godot 4.0.

Most of the plugin is already working in Godot 4.0. I hope to release the first beta next week!

I was thinking the same way... to embrace the new features and differences in language, instead of learning the "old way" and adapting later to it. Thanks! 

Fun fact: I was watching your tutorial videos and realized I wasn't using the subtitles. I'm portuguese, so it's not hard do understand it :-D

I want to use it for my next game, but i need more help, tutorials, code snippet... I'm trying to learn Godot scripting but it's pretty hard...


Glad to know that. I'm working on some tutorials for the plugin, hope they will be ready next weekend. And if you are interested in learning Godot, this YouTube channels could be helpful: GDQuest, HeartBeast, PigDev. Also, the GDQuest team made a great Web app to leard GDScript: Learn GDScript from ZERO.

Tutorials are here @dialobic: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLH0IOYEunrBDz6h4G3vujEmQUZs8vLjz8

English subs. by the moment, but I'll upload a version with English voices soon.


This is SO exciting! I love PQ but dig Godot more than Unity! Can't wait to try this out!


I'm glad you are excited about it. And I hope you can make something with it.


Any Discord server or bb I can join to follow this engine development?

I have similar feeling. PQ is great but for me, as ex AGS user, Unity is much much too heavy. I love Godot and Popochiu for its speed and explicitness