You have to manipulate people's opinion via news programs.

In this game, you transform newsworthy events into the news. To do so, you have to organize the material linked to each one to evoke an emotion that will mold the public consent. Use that to favor one of the two presidential candidates of Platanal.

[ important ] The web version of the game is a post jam release. To play the one we uploaded during it, download one of the zips below.


Code & Game Design: Giovanny Beltrán (@agar3s)

Audio (Music & SFX) & language creation: Juan García (@QuietGecko

Art & UI Design: Lorena Márquez (@prinfrexita

Writing & Game Design: Mateo Robayo (@mapedorr)

...and for the physical version

The machine's makers: Karolina Ladino (@KaroLadino) & Alejandro Ordóñez (@Rattenfengar)

The machine's programmer: Andrés Luján (@andres-root)


alt.ctrl. GDC logo

While we were working on the design of this entry, we decided to ask a couple of friends to build an actual machine that was a small representation of its bigger brother: M.i.M.o. (M.i.M.o. v0.3, we called it). We hope we get selected to showcase the physical version of Machinaria at GDC 2019's Alt.Ctrl.

"Because molding people's opinion through media is another way of controlling the masses." -  One member of the team.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Machinaria - Windows JAM Release (64bits) 182 MB
Machinaria - Linux JAM Release 48 MB
Machinaria - Mac OSX JAM Release 62 MB
Machinaria - Windows 64 (Post jam release) 53 MB
Machinaria - Mac OSX (Post jam release) 68 MB
Machinaria - Linux (Post jam release) 54 MB

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This was a cool play. I love messing around with retro hardware and this captured the feeling well.


This is really fucking rad. Thanks for making it!

Thank you so much for playing it and leaving us your comment.

Hello! The web version of the game just goes black after i get the letter for completing the events of the election and getting the ticket to leave to the next nation. I am just wondering if that is an intentional ending or if I was meant to continue from there. Thank you!


First of all, thanks for playing. And to answer your question, that's the end of this version of game, we're actually working on the one that shows what happens in Hunuragha (the next nation). How did you like it?