Machinaria - Major Audio Updates

M. Corp announcement - Project M.i.M.o.

M. Corp sonic research staff have been tracking the response of common users to sounds coming from the machine and determined a major update in the audio aspects.


Sound Optimization

All sounds have been tested and re-mastered to bring our customers a cleaner appreciation of the beauty of M.i.M.o. 

Material audio

Every cartridge of the material have pass through our analysing machines to adjust it and make it cohesive within each other. 

Radio M.i.M.o

Collected data has determined that our music selection was not enough for a work session, a new repertoire was carefully crafted and selected to make the modulation process a unique and intricate process for our users.


M.i.M.o Track Selection

1. Dirty Soil

2. Dystopian Ballad

3. Lazy Bartender

4. Lost In Paradise

5. Papaya Juice

6. Retro Dance

7. Sunny Beach

8. Time Traveler

9. Weird Jungle

10. Where are you?

Have a listen here:


We hope all potential users of M.i.M.o, enjoy this sonic improvements. Looking forward to bring pleasure to your ears.

-Sonic Research Department.




Machinaria - Windows 64 (Post jam release) 53 MB
Dec 19, 2018
Machinaria - Mac OSX (Post jam release) 68 MB
Dec 19, 2018
Machinaria - Linux (Post jam release) 54 MB
Dec 19, 2018
Machinaria - Web (Post jam release) Play in browser
Dec 19, 2018

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