The Popochius. What fascinating creatures. In this little adventure you will work with them to find Chiquininín. Use Goddiu, Popsy, Trapusinsiu and Gonorreín to discover what happened and, hopefully, bring peace to Casa Popochiu, their home.

Be aware of read the guide that shows in the game... you'll need it to get to the end.

Important !

Because I'm fool, I didn't have time to test the full game, so it may break at some point, I apologize for that! I promise I will fix everything, and will add missing content in the post-jam version.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to interact (left click) and examine (right click) objects.
  • Control different Popochius in order to complete some tasks. To do so, right click on the backpack in the inventory and then select the Popochiu you want to take out. After that, talk to him and ask him to let you control it.


  • Developed by Carenalga \ ( |:3 )/ .
  • Handmade illustrations by Diego Robayo Rodríguez.
  • Voices by Carenalga \ ( |:3 )/ and Diego Robayo Rodríguez.
  • Sound effects took from: Daydream Sound Effects - Pack 2.
  • Music from: @kronbits - Davit Masia  (5000 Retro Game SFX - Asset Pack).
  • Made with Godot and Popochiu (an addon to create adventure games).

StatusIn development
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
TagsGodot, Point & Click, popochiu


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It's pretty cute and funny. A few bugs kept me from completing the game at first, but I figured out ways around those and made it through.

Sadly, at the end, I get another page for the book, but it only shows me the locations page in the other lighting, so I can't see that final page.

Edit: Never mind that, although I can't see the other pages anymore, I can at least flip all the way back and get to see the final page.

Thank you so much for your patience. I'm glad you managed to finish the game and see the last page.

Jajajaja hermosas referencias de juego. ese Gonorreín sí sabe : ]

jjjj... Gonorreín es re-áspero. En la versión post-jam va a ser incluso más áspero.

merci de votre réponse ! j'espère avoir une nouvelle occasion de réessayer avec cette option sauvegarde ! 


pas très évident ce jeu !

j'ai fait plusieurs tentatives c'est dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de sauvegarde car je serais allée plus loin ! 


Hope DeepL did a good job translating this:

Bonjour. La version post-jam aura l'option de sauvegarder le jeu. Merci de l'avoir essayée et d'avoir laissé un commentaire.

No clue how to get the translator :


One of the pages has a clue.

(1 edit)

I saw the strong arm with the A which is also next to the office skill description I'm still really confused though :/

also this happened cause I kept trying to put Trapusunsiu in the backpack and it wouldn't work lol

hahahaha... Didn't see that bug before.

You have to use Gonorreín in one of the offices. He is the only one with the strenght required for that task.

ah ok, thank you!

I shall form an army of Popochius.

Hello, i  can't find out the row of characters...any help

Hi. If you mean how to switch characters, you have to right click the backpack. Don't do it in the map because that will break the game.

thank you, bu i don't have bacpack...i am infront the door still and have a book only

You have to inspect the drawer.

It doesn't allow me to open the drawer. When i click on the red one, speak, it laugh and after the game is not active anywhere...

superb chilly vibez